5 Communication Tricks That You Never Knew

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Posted On : 02-Jan-17

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Communication is the essence of success. Everything on this earth revolves around communication. With the existence of two entities, interaction is natural and this interaction necessitates communication. Effective communication is one that delivers the message in the correct tone and manner for which it was communicated and yield positive result for the same. A message that gets simply delivered without any impact or positive results set to be an ineffective communication. Communication has a very important significance in both professional and personal lives. Professionally a person that knows the art of effective communication always stands a chance of better growth and development and personally a person with smooth communication skills has a stronger social acceptance with a positive self image in the society.



Communication not only relates to speaking flawless English or be very impressive in writing prose or poetry. But speaking any language fluently does not guarantee effective communication. It is a myth that one that speaks English correctly is a good communicator. People hesitate in conversing with each other only because they feel that they are not fluent in the language they should communicate. It is a myth because it is not only important to speak fluently but also to remember what to speak, how to speak and when to speak. Many people have the art of comprehending the audience mood. Understanding what your audience wants to listen is the best lesson that a communicator can gather. Effective communication is thus the one where the speaker is able to make the message not only clear but also understood and accepted by the audience.

There are various techniques and methods suggested for effective communication. Many notable speakers and management gurus have outlined various strategies for effective communication. We are here outlining five communication tricks that you might have never heard or read before.

Five Communication Tricks that you never knew


1st Trick: Wear bright colors and appear to be very cheerful and pleasant.



People always want to listen whom they like to look at. If people dislike your appearance they would never listen to you. So for effective communication, you have to be an effective presenter first. Wear bright colors whenever you have to address a gathering or a crowd. For one to one conversations like an interview or a high level meeting, professional attire makes a very good impression. They way you carry yourself has a great impact on your audience. The interest and the attention of the audience depend on the image you carry. If you are dull, shabby or not neatly dressed people will not pay much attention to your words.  A cheerful disposition always increases the attention span of the audience and they give remarkable time to your opening sentences. So it is very important for you to dress smartly and have a cheerful countenance to have an effective communication session.

Trick 2:  Be Bilingual



It has been observed that long dialogues spoken only in one language say English tend to be overstretched and monotonous. Switching to the native language for one or two sentences makes the audience turn out to be more attentive and interested. Even during interviews one or two lines spoken or emphasized in the native language gives the interviewer a strong impression about the candidate being honest and grounded to his/her basic values. It has often been observed that people with fake accent or speaking in a foreign tone are judged as to be manipulative, deceitful and showy. They are not hired for serious or those job profiles that seek depth in a candidate. Speaking in Hindi for emphasizing an accomplishment or for quoting a real life experience with a customer or a client gives more authenticity to the conversation. So don’t just focus on speaking flawless English, without a pause or break, focus on delivering the message honestly and meaningful.

Trick 3:  Use Emotions



Lot has been said and discussed on body language and non verbal communication skills. We would not highlight the importance of using the correct tone, pitch or gestures for effective communication as you might have read about them several times. What we would like to highlight as a communication trick over here is to use emotions while you talk or write. Important decisions are taken over dining tables and a cup of coffee. It is because you are already engaged with the other aspects of food, aroma, taste and environment. Your mind is set in a particular emotional framework within which it is excited, elated or happy or it might be a bit dull or sloppy. When the conversation or the message is parallel to your emotion, you give it an instant acceptance and on the contrary when the message is not in accordance to your emotional framework you may stall the decision. Therefore, using emotions while you talk is a very important and an effective trick that helps you make your communication very effective.

Trick 4: Sell Dreams. Concoct Stories and Take People to a Different Level



You must have heard people telling you not to tell lie, not to exaggerate, not to sell during your conversations. We would advise you on the contrary. People like to listen to good things. They like to be appreciated, they like to be loved and they like to be felt important. It is exactly what politicians do. They sell dreams; they concoct stories that would take the rural folk to a different level of living. We are not emphasizing you to be a glib, a sycophant or gibberish; we are emphasizing the fact that if you go for an interview with an organization, you should surely be affirmative and positive about the company. Few words of appreciation for the directors of the company who have taken it to such a height will always create a positive impression for you.

Trick 5: Never take or assume anything for granted



Nothing in this world is free. Everything comes with a price tag. You should never assume you audience to be either too smart or too dumb. People are always smarter than you, they more aware, more informative and better decision makers for themselves. Thus the best way to communicate is to be very vigilant, up to date and well informed before expressing any formal or informal statement.



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